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Jan 2017

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Jan update

Visit Auto Medals for currently available emblems
Thank you and please continue voting!

Which emblem do you want to see next?


I would like to see the 9th Infantry Regiment “Manchu” crest.
Also a Light Fighter Tab for the 7th Infantry Division Patch.

Added to the poll

MP cross pistols… please

Now just see how many are sold- You had 400 real 197th folks willing to buy- oh well.

How about 2/17 Cav,101st and 3/2 ACR

101st Airborne and 2nd ACR are available

Screaming Eagle  Always Ready

I’d like to see army parachute rigger wings. The airborne wings are prominent and popular but remember, you can’t have airborne without the riggers and we are a proud lot packing thousands of parachutes every year without malfunction bringing our brothers and sisters back to earth safely. Thanks!

How about the full line of Army Aviator Wings (Basic, Senior, Master). There’s a bunch of us Master Aviators out here and we’d scoop those up in hot minute! Most of us are Chief Warrant Officers as well, so our rank insignia would be very nice as well. WO1 to CW5.

But you are guys are doing great! Your products look fantastic. Now, I know what I’m going to order for my buds at Xmas.


I would like to see the 65th Infantry Regiment crest… It was my grandpa’s regiment during the Korean War and is currently my regiment in the National Guard. Lots of history there… The Borinqueneers… They led the last battalion fixed-bayonet attack in modern U.S. Military history…

US Army Corps of Engineers — not the branch insignia, the unit patch. USACE not only has troops going in early and staying past the combat missions, they have a buttload of civilian employees who deploy for disasters and overseas for combat, so you’ll have a pretty good market on that one. One of the oldest units in the Army.

130th Engineer Brigade — frequently deployed, has a long combat history. I’m glad the 20th EN BDE was first, but the next engineer brigade should be the 130th.

Add 86th IBCT (Mountain) or an independent Mountain tab- there are 4,000 of us across New England currently serving in the 86th and thousands more who are veterans of the Army’s ONLY Mountain-mission specific conventional unit (nothing against the 10th but “Mountain” is an honorific to them, like the 101st and “Airborne”.

As one of the few recalled to active duty service for OIF that actually showed up and deployed, i would love to see the Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) patch that I wore (despite the protests of my 1SGs) for a 12 month deployment, a 4 month voluntary extension, and another 4 months for the surge.

I would like to see the 32nd IBCT, Red Arrow, National Guard emblem from Wisconsin. Most consecutive days in theatre during war time without any rotations in U.S. military history during WWII in the Pacific theatre. Patch was originally given to us during WWI by the French. The arrow represents constant forward momentum and the line running through represents every enemy line we encountered we overcame. This patch is even displayed at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier in D.C.

Not everybody has the heart, or the ability to get the sapper tab. It takes an acquired few to make it.
If your either male or female it doesn’t matter, and there is a selected few of us to aquire this tab. So I feel by voting it will lead to a unfair advantage that the sapper tab won’t pass.
I feel that the tab who was earned by my fellow brothers, and sisters in arms. Should be able to acquire the tab without question. Because there is so few that has earned the SAPPER tab.

What? No Marine Divisions or Regiments?

You know, we go in first and if the fighting gets too tough for the Army, they call in the Marines.

It’s just the way it is, like life. Some people join the military for college tuition, others like the idea of killing!


Semper Fi

Would like to see some other units from Hawaii.

1. United States Army Pacific (USARPAC)
2. 8th Theater Sustainment Command
– 45th Sustainment Brigade
– 8th Military Police Brigade
– 130th Engineer Brigade

Lastly, I would like to order the U.S. Army Career Counselor Badge (when available) in bulk if possible?

Thank you,
Thank you, I received my order this week and couldn’t be happier.

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